How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Beginner Dance Class

What should you expect from a beginner dance class? If your child is ready to start ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, or creative movement lessons, take a look at how to prepare for their first day.

Select the Right Type of Clothing

What should your child wear to their first dance class? The specific ensemble your child should wear depends on several factors. These include:

  • The studio. What does the studio require students to wear? If the school hasn't already given you information on what students should (or shouldn't) wear to class, talk to the director or instructor.
  • The type of class. A ballet class and first-time creative movement program are likely to require different types of dance attire. If you're not familiar with the type of clothing your child needs for the specific class, ask the studio's staff for guidance.
  • The ability to move freely. Your child should feel comfortable and free to move during class. This can help them to enjoy themselves and move to their maximum ability.

While the right clothing is an important part of dance class, it isn't the only way to prep for the first day. Along with what they'll wear, you may also want to know more about how to style your child's hair.

Choose the Right Hair Style

How should your child wear their hair for class? Like attire, a dance class-ready hairstyle choice isn't always universal. To prepare for your child's first class, consider:

  • Your child's existing hairstyle. If your child has a short, neat cut, you may not have to do anything special to style their hair. But if they have long tresses, it's likely you'll need to pin or tie back their hair.
  • Movement during class. Will your child's hair whip around and hit their face or interfere with their vision during class? If their hair will get in the way, pin or tie it back in place.
  • The school's rules. Does the studio require a specific hairstyle (such as a tight bun or ponytail) for classes such as ballet? Ask ahead of time and make sure you follow the studio's rules.

Now that your child has the right attire and hairstyle, it's time for their first beginner dance class. If you have additional questions about what your child should expect or what is expected of your child, just ask. The studio staff can help you (and your child) to make the most out of the first dance experience.